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split LP: Your Highness / Hedonist


silence is upon us the fog surrounds us all gather all the scum and trash to stand by us in war hallowed ground on fire down to the swamps again sacrifice your own denial despise thy blood and land no sleep no rest for the dead vultures they came here to feast on our flesh not worthy of dying suffer instead praise me for what I've become a stranger to freedom a slave to the one follow the shadows into the sun stare into the horizon in blackest nights we hide take us back where the chaos rumbles back where the beast resides reign amongst these villains once an alliance of a million strong bound to the hellion fires bound to the depths unknown
suffer in silence there's nobody here to guide you on your last parade abandoned by day embraced by the night we are believers our victim is divine black moon rising cowards of men drowned by desire drenched in dirt coming back to haunt you from the gallows by sounds of decay black moon rising cowards of men drowned by desire there's nobody here to guide you on your last parade abandoned by day embraced by the night we are believers in crime
cold and alone shivering bones this is your god your devouring fire comely grace smothering fate running blind run the asylum I see the death in your eyes I see evil in the death of night awakening of hate and destruction I come alive we are the masses longing for the sound of a death knell taste of blood blessed by the beast becoming your only highness your only god
Got no dough to pay the devil's due an evil ghost lives in my head the golden city is all mine to take when I give him six more dead defying compulsive lying my eyes are closed he can't get out who are you to take command like that do my will and shut your mouth rubber blood and lots of lifeless eyes men in white are all around back to Arkham that is where I go either there or in the ground
I am afraid the numbers will haunt me eight means you're fucked get on your knees boy do watch your steps don't count too far now and if you do show it your knuckles between your eyes there's enough to believe it the timer is set five six seven nine the number eight will kill you when spoken so skip a beat and spare me the voodoo black magic and curses double the four when you're tired of breathing call me a freak point laugh and mock me don't do the math 'cause the eight will destroy you hold all the aces shuffle the deck what are the odds you're picking a doomed one I'm in my hell so come forth and join me down in t he seventh and adding a circle
What keeps your engines pumping you're a goddamn machine this toxic touch you're feeling is it a joke or for real are you cheating death are you seeing red temptation's your beset friend now like a jack in the box the devil's dying to meet you 'cause his backbone is gone are you cheating death are you seeing red are you spitting old grim in the face or do you rest your case your soul keeps dancing on like a fool in the rain when do you ever feel numb not 'till the end of our days


12" LP, released on january 31, 2014
order your copy through:
shop@yourhighness.be or roughtrade.be


released January 31, 2014

Artwork by Joachim Cols & ontwerpenaar.be
Mastered by Epic Productions

Your Highness part recorded & mixed by Epic Productions
Bookings: info@ruffstuff.be

Hedonist part recorded & mixed by Xavier Carion at Studio Jonathas
Bookings: hedonistinfo@gmail.com


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Your Highness Antwerp, Belgium

Colossal Riffage / Shivering Blues from Antwerp.

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