Cults n' Cunts

by your highness



recorded oct/nov 2010


released 04 July 2011
Engineered & Mixed by Epic Productions @ Rockstar Recordings. Mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East.
Artwork by Joachim Cols & Ben Baert
RELEASE: July 4th on Hammerheart Records



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Cults n' Cunts
put the trouble on us
swallow it all
with arms wide open
escape the cross
take out the eyes
of the beholder
tonight we march
to the pounding beat
it shakes the air
and breaks the siege
call me a sinner
I'll name you saint
give me your love
I'll give you hate
fire of glory
the torch of mind
shines upon me
Track Name: Hordes
say your prayers tonight
and mean it
it's the last time you will
we gather here
on the brink of existence
prepare yourself for the kill
or be killed
raise your cups
of skull and gold
eat the flesh
right off them bones
betide me weal
betide me woe
we’ll never leave
your kids alone
smear defile
this life-giving land
with your blood
come on
and give us some more
ten thousand corpses
on the hillside
one hundred more
beneath our feet
can you smell the rotting inhale the malady
Track Name: Gut this City
awoken by silence
drained skinned to the bone
under the surface we rise
above savages roam
none but tyrants
pity the meek
gear up the alliance
we gotta gut this city
most bravest of men
stripped bare stone cold
malicious laughter
descends from the earth
amplified by the holler
comes a voice unheard